What is the recognition procedure for second/double degree programmes?

1. No credits from a bachelor’s programme will be considered for a master’s programme.

2. If academic achievements equivalent to those of the institutions involved in the master’s programme have already been completed in a previous programme at a university or an equivalent scientific institution within the scope of the German Grundgesetz, compulsory courses and possibly additional courses in the specialized elective area will be recognized. Compulsory courses take precedence in the recognition process.

3. Courses in the interdisciplinary elective area will not be recognized.

4. Overall, the recognition is limited to a maximum of 1 semester’s worth of credits (usually up to 30 credit points).

5. Academic achievements from a previous programme can only be recognized once. If these achievements have already been recognized for another programme, further recognition is not possible. In this case, all exams and academic achievements must be completed again.

4. Final theses for the completion of studies will not be recognized.”

How can I get courses that are not part of the Master Statistics recognised?

There are three cases in which you should use the form for course equivalency and recognition:

1.) Seeking recognition from courses that are not listed in the module overview (e.g., courses that you take abroad).

2.) Seeking recognition for courses that you have already included in your Bachelor degree.

3.) Seeking recognition for a course in the interdisciplinary elective area (Überfachlicher Wahlpflichtbereich/ÜWP).

In the first case, fill out the gray-highlighted cells in sections 1 and 2 and have the equivalence approved by the coordinator of the module for which you would like to get recognition. You can do this before or after you completed the course. If possible, seek recognition for the course before you take the course. Once you have completed the course, have the grade and ECTS credits confirmed by the chairperson of the examination committee.

Courses that you have already included in your Bachelor degree (case 2) generally cannot be recognized. However, if you have already completed one of the mandatory modules in your previous studies, you do not need to take them again. Instead, consult with the module coordinator to determine which other course you can attend and fill out the form accordingly.

In the third case, you do not need the signature of the module coordinator in section 2 but can approach the chairperson of the examination committee directly.

In all three cases, remember to provide the necessary supporting documents.

What kind of courses can be recognised for the Interdisciplinary Compulsory Elective Courses (Überfachlicher Wahlbereich/ÜWP)?

In the ÜWP all modules can be recognised that are identified as ÜWP and are in module catalogues of other programmes of HU or institutions that participate in the Statistics Master’s programme. Also, other external courses, such as language courses taken abroad, can often be recognised. You then need to provide proof of how many ECTS were achieved and it needs to be approved by the examination committee.

An activity as a student assistant at a university or research institution or an activity as a working student in a company is not recognised.

For the Überfachlicher Wahlbereich (ÜWP), there exists a module that can be used to credit courses from other universities, e.g. a Chinese culture class in Hong Kong. This can be done for all ECTS in the ÜWP.

What can I do if I had a mandatory module, e.g. Stochastik 1, already during my Bachelor’s?

You can attend an equivalent course during your master’s. The lecturer of the mandatory course decides which courses are equivalent and you need an equivalence form signed by her.

In the case of Stochastik 1 you could do the following: 1) show that you attanded an equivalent Stochastik 1 course during your bachelor 2) attend e.g. Stochastics 2 and count it as your Stochastik 1 grade in the Master’s programme.

How can I credit courses that I took in the past?

This has to be done with Mrs. Kaboub ( Send her the Examination Recognition Form together with the grades transcript for each course.

If the course is not taken from the study regulation list of courses or should be credited in the ÜWP, you first have to certify it as equivalent to a course from the study regulation. This has to be sent to the intructor of the equivalent course.