What is the recognition procedure for second/double degree programmes?

1. No credits from a bachelor’s program will be considered for a master’s program.

2. If academic achievements equivalent to those of the institutions involved in the master’s program have already been completed in a previous program at a university or an equivalent scientific institution within the scope of the German Grundgesetz, compulsory courses and possibly additional courses in the specialized elective area will be recognized. Compulsory courses take precedence in the recognition process.

3. Courses in the interdisciplinary elective area will not be recognized.

4. Overall, the recognition is limited to a maximum of 1 semester’s worth of credits (usually up to 30 credit points).

5. Academic achievements from a previous program can only be recognized once. If these achievements have already been recognized for another program, further recognition is not possible. In this case, all exams and academic achievements must be completed again.

4. Final theses for the completion of studies will not be recognized.”