What kind of courses can be recognised for the Interdisciplinary Compulsory Elective Courses (Überfachlicher Wahlbereich/ÜWP)?

In the ÜWP all modules can be recognised that are identified as ÜWP and are in module catalogues of other programmes of HU or institutions that participate in the Statistics Master’s programme. Also, other external courses, such as language courses taken abroad, can often be recognised. You then need to provide proof of how many ECTS were achieved and it needs to be approved by the examination committee.

An activity as a student assistant at a university or research institution or an activity as a working student in a company is not recognised.

For the Überfachlicher Wahlbereich (ÜWP), there exists a module that can be used to credit courses from other universities, e.g. a Chinese culture class in Hong Kong. This can be done for all ECTS in the ÜWP.