I was not accepted for the master’s in statistics. Can I apply again next year?

Yes. If you are missing ECTS, whether in Specialized knowledge 1 or in Selection criterion 2, you can use the time until the next application period to acquire the missing ECTS.

Acquire the missing ECTS in the winter term. Enroll in a bachelor program for this purpose, e.g. in a bachelor in mathematics. Or enroll as a guest auditor or a visiting student and take courses. Please note that only courses that have been completed with an examination at a recognized higher educational institution can be recognized.

In the summer semester, you can already take basic courses from the master’s program in statistics and have them recognized later if you have been accepted into the master’s program in statistics.

Are there specific regulations for the WiSe2122 due to the Covid pandemic?

Yes. You can apply without a finished bachelor degree if you miss less than or equal to 60 ECTS (instead of 30 missing ECTS usually). Additionally, you have till 30.09.2022 to hand in your bachelor certificate. Furthermore, you do not need to certify your necessary application documents. If you apply by, you only have to upload the documents online. More information can be found on the HU website under the information on applications in Master’s programs of the admission office.

Can I apply for the program although my bachelor is not finished before the application deadline?

Yes, it is possible to apply for the program while you are still in your bachelor. Therefore, you have to verify that you need less than or equal to 30 ECTS to finish your bachelor. Additionally, you have to state the missing courses and the expected bachelor grade. If you are accepted to the program, you have to prove that you finished the bachelor till the end of your first master semester with the expected grad (or better). If your grade is worse, you might be exmatriculated since the expected grade is used in the admission process. You can find the regulations and needed document in the general admission regulations of the HU Berlin (German: Nichtamtliche Lesefassung der Fächerübergreifenden Satzung zur Regelung von Zulassung, Studium und Prüfung der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin).

How do I do the self-assessment for the application and what courses do I need?

 A self-assessment for fullfiling the requirements for the masters program is an obligatory part of your application documentation. All information given in the self-assessment has to be proven by adding corresponding pages from official module descriptions (e.g. “Studienordung” or “Modulhandbuch”). You have to list the courses and the corresponding number of ECTS which are necessary for fulfilling the master programs requirements. The Admissions Committee will then decide about crediting the courses. It is not possible to give information on specific courses beforehand.