If I have too many ECTS at graduation, can I choose which modules are included in the grade calculation?

No, this will determine the grade you receive for your Master’s degree:

1. the grades from the compulsory modules are always included in the
Master’s grade. The grades from the interdisciplinary compulsory
elective area (10 ECTS) have no influence on the Master’s grade.

2. if you have more than 120 ECTS credits, the grades of the modules
that do not fall under point 1 are taken into account in chronological
order. If a module is no longer required in this order, it will be
listed as “surplus” on the certificate.

3. of the module grades remaining after point 2, the best module grades
are selected.

The example below (in German) is based on the typical study plan in the
study and examination regulations for the Master’s programme in Statistics .


Who can be a Master’s thesis supervisor?

The first supervisor of a master’s thesis has to be from one of the institutions participating in the programme, e.g. the School of Economics FU Berlin. Preferably, the first supervisor gives courses from the Statistics Master’s programme. The second supervisor might be external but needs to be approved by the examination board.

How do I submit my Master’s Thesis?

Send by the deadline at the latest:

  • 2 paper copies (with signed declaration of academic honesty) to
    Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Lehrstuhl für Ökonometrie, z.Hd. Fr. Kaboub, Spandauer Str. 1, 10099 Berlin
  • the electronic version of the thesis in pdf format by e-mail to Ms Kaboub: