How are the study places allocated?

Each winter term will be a fixed number of study places allocated. If you fulfill the admission requirements then

  1. a small number of study places will be allocated through special quotas, for example hardship cases with a separate application,
  2. a larger number of study places will be allocated by waiting time (full non-studying terms before the master), and
  3. the majority of study places will be allocated by grade.

For questions to 1. and 2. contact Compass.

Is there a German preparation course for the programme?

The master’s programme does not offer itself preparation classes for german. But the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin offers courses as “German as a Foreign Language” in the Language centre. These courses are booked out very quickly.

There are several possibilities outside the university, for example Goethe Institut here, which is much more expensive than in most other countries. Volkshochschulen offer a cheaper way. And of course there are a lot of private schools which offer german courses.

Is knowledge of the German language mandatory for studying in the programme?

Yes, if you apply for admission, you have to a approve that your level of German is at least B1. Which documents are valid, can be found under “Spezielle Kenntnisse 3” in the programme specific admission rules (German: Fachspezifische Zugangs- und Zulassungsregeln des Master Statistik, non-official translation into English: Subject specific access and admission rules for the ZSP-HU).

The mandatory course Stochastik I is in German but almost all others courses are held in English.